toshiba 4 line phone

toshiba_4_line_phoneToshiba 4 line phone: There are a number of phones that are compatible with the CTX28, CTX100, CTX670,  CIX40 and the CIX100 PABX models as well as the older DK series.toshiba_4_line_phone_1

Toshiba 4 line phone: The Toshiba 3020 has twenty programmed keys and with speakerphone functionality and with its LCD display provides the perfect handset for today’s executive to conduct their non-face-to-face communications.  toshiba 4 line phone.pdf

Toshiba 4 line phone:  The Toshiba 3010 is similar as are the DKT2000 and EKT3000 ranges


Toshiba 4 line phone: To buy your Toshiba 4 line phone in the UK more cheaply than from a Toshiba dealer contact TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052.   They’ll possibly quote you full price as they probably discounted heavily when selling the original system – hence the need to charge MSRP to make a profit on any add-ons.  We just want you to purchase from us. We don’t offer support on Toshiba (we’re Samsung specialists offering 25% discount on new systems and additions – for life!) so we cut our costs so you can enjoy savings.

0800 652 8052 gets your Toshiba 4 line phone more affordably.toshiba_4_line_phone

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