Toshiba business phone systems

toshiba_business_phone_systemsToshiba Business Phone Systems

Any telecommunications dealer can supply Toshiba business phone systems. This is because Toshiba business phone systems are sold in the UK via a distribution channel of wholesalers. These are the same distributors who stock regular small items such as cordless phones and answering machines. So most if not all comms dealers will have an account and therefore be able to access stocks of Toshiba business phone systems.

There will be a finite number of telecoms firms who obtain their Toshiba business phone systems directly from Toshiba. As Toshiba business phone systems specialists they will receive their technical support from Tosh themselves. Don’t expect to get it any cheaper but you will enjoy a higher level of service.

Telephone Systems Direct hold a direct dealership themselves but it is with Samsung business phone systems as opposed to Toshiba. So our expertise on Toshiba business phone systems is limited to supplying basic things such as additional handsets.  toshiba_business_phone_systems.pdf

Please call on 0800 652 8052 to hear why Toshiba business phone systems may not be the best choice.

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