toshiba dadm3220

toshiba_dadm3220The Toshiba DADM3220 connects to any of the many and varied 3000 series Toshiba DKT or EKT terminals to increase the number of programmable keys available to the user.

Telephone Systems Direct doesn’t purport to be a Toshiba specialist. BUT, we can supply most Toshiba bits (like the Toshiba DADM3220) as well as most other Toshiba items which you might be trying to find in the UK. Our e-commerce portfolio has plenty of solutions such as business telephones, DECT and Wi-Fi handsets, wireless headsets, IP-systems, TDM-systems, telephony applications …..Please feel free to browse……..

For your convenience we have included the most common Toshiba DADM3220 Guide PDF here>>>>>toshiba_dadm3220.pdf

If you are still struggling to get a Toshiba DADM3220 or information then perhaps the advisors at TelephoneSystemsDirect can help.  Give us a ring on 0800 652 8052.

Note: we are Samsung Platinum accredited and have been a holder of the prestigious SME Reseller of the Year trophy – we keep a comprehensive stock of system phones and modules for the award-winning OfficeServ7000 and older DCS and iDCS ranges.

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