toshiba digital business telephone

toshiba_digital_business_telephoneThe current range of Toshiba digital business telephone systems go under the badge of Strata CIX.

The Toshiba digital business telephone system models span all the configurations you might need in business from the bottom end CIX40 through the CIX100, CIX200 to the big CIX670.  Whatever your needs StrataCIX will be able to cope.  toshiba_digital_business_telephone.pdf

There are a number of Toshiba digital business telephone handsets that are well designed for ergonomic usage with large screen LCD providing a wealth of easy to read information.

At Telephone Systems Direct you’ll find that we can assist you with any Toshiba digital business telephone enquiry or question about telecoms in general.

Need to reduce your costs?  We can analyse your telephone bills to calculate your calling profile, then check to see whether the tariff package you currently use is best fitted.  If not, then we will recommend one that will lower your annual outgoings significantly.  (For instance if you’re with BT – the savings will be in the region of 50% !)

0800 652 8052 connects you to an SME Reseller of the Year trophy holder for plain speaking about Toshiba digital business telephone solutions.

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