toshiba dk40

toshiba_dk40The Toshiba DK40 is long in the tooth and was replaced a few years ago by the later Toshiba CIX40 – see attached PDF brochure showing you what the current CIX 40 can offer you.  toshiba_dk40.pdf

Frankly we’re gob smacked that you are actually reading these words about the Toshiba DK40 – you must be at your wit’s end as there are so many other Toshiba specialists out there.  However, now you are here, read on…

TelephoneSystemsDirect has a wide experience in the telecoms industry supplying spares and additions for most makes of telephone systems at discounted prices including the obsolete Toshiba DK40.  Finding phones for the Toshiba DK40 is straight forward and shipping them to you promptly is all part of our support and service.

toshiba_dk40Our speciality is clearly in the Samsung OfficeServ7000 series that have been rated as BEST BUY products by What to Buy for Business magazine.  So if you fail to resolve your Toshiba DK40 problem and need any advice on Lines, Tariffs, VoIP, CTI, MOBEX, whether to change over to SIP then please chat to us on 0800 652 8052.

The Toshiba DK40 isn’t dead.  There are accredited Toshiba dealers out there who will help, BUT they might recommend swapping it all out as it may be uneconomic to repair…BUNKUM!

So that’s 0800 652 8052 for Toshiba DK40 upgrade assistance.

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