toshiba dk40i

toshiba_dk40iThe Toshiba DK40i is obsolete.  Toshiba developed the IP-CTX in 2004 which migrated to the Toshiba CIX range of phone systems. The comparable model now would be the CIX40.

Your Toshiba DK40i Internet search may possibly not bare much fruit.  Perhaps that’s why you’re reading this article on the Toshiba DK40i.  What we do know is that it’s possible to convert your Toshiba DK40i into the latest version – but you’ll have to get in touch with an authorised Tosh dealer to find that out in detail.  toshiba dk40i.pdf

toshiba_dk40iIf they say you need a new system then call Telephone Systems Direct where we can assist you in additional handsets for your Toshiba DK40i and with one or two of the cards.  By contacting our advisors on 0800 652 8052 we’ll tell honestly you what we can do for you.  One thing for certain is that by dealing with us you’ll be getting your Toshiba DK40i additions far cheaper.

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