toshiba dkt 3020s

toshiba_dkt_3020sThe Toshiba DKT 3020S is compatible with Toshiba’s digital phone systems DK14, DK16, DK40, DK40i, DK280, DK424, DK424i, CTX100, CTX670, CIX40 and CIX100.  toshiba dkt 3020s.pdf

The Toshiba DKT 3020S can be purchased in the UK from Telephone-Systems-Direct by calling our team on
0800 652 8052.

The Toshiba DKT 3020S is old so you’ll be more likely to come across the IP5000 phones than this version.  The Toshiba DKT 3020S might be difficult to find on the web so why don’t you let TelephoneSystemsDirect do the hard work for you.  If we don’t have a Toshiba DKT 3020S in our warehouse stock, then we will locate one – just for you.toshiba_dkt_3020s

Buying your Toshiba DKT 3020S from us will be less pricey than going to an authorised Toshiba dealer as they’ll more than possibly sell it to you at RRP as they will have originally discounted when they sold the system to you to get the job – we don’t have to – that’s why we’re cheaper for Toshiba parts and spares.

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