toshiba ekt 6020

toshiba_ekt_6020The Toshiba EKT 6020 is obsolete!  Sorry but you can’t say it any plainer than that!

The Toshiba EKT 6020 and its sister phones come in a variety of colours (sorry – colors if you’re from the US of A) and trims with walnut effect that was “de rigeur†for some executives in the twentieth century.

We’re frankly surprised that you’ve had to read this article about the Toshiba EKT 6020.  It means that you’ve failed to get what you’re searching for elsewhere!

toshiba_ekt_6020aTelephoneSystemsDirect isn’t a Toshiba specialist. However, we can supply most Toshiba bits that you might be trying to find as well as most other Toshiba items. Our online portfolio – catalogue holds plenty of solutions such as cordless headsets, business telephones, DECT and Wi-Fi handsets, IP-systems, TDM-systems, telephony applications …..Please feel free to browse……..

We have attached the most common Toshiba EKT 6020 Reference Guide PDF for your convenience.  toshiba_ekt_6020.pdf

If you are still struggling to locate a Toshiba EKT 6020 then perhaps the advisors at Telephone-Systems-Direct can help. 
Give us a ring on 0800 652 8052.

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