toshiba phones dkt2010

toshiba_phones_dkt2010The low cost Toshiba phones DKT2010 come in three versions:  toshiba_phones_dkt2010_H
The Toshiba phones DKT2010 –H
The Toshiba phones DKT2010 –S and the Toshiba phones DKT2010 –SD

The Toshiba phones DKT2010 H version has no display but with ten programmable buttons is ideal for hotel rooms.

toshiba_phones_dkt2010_SThe Toshiba phones DKT2010 S is similar to the H plus it allows hands free answering of intercom calls.

The Toshiba phones DKT2010 S.D goes two further with a LCD to provide information and full speakerphone capabilities for communicating hands-free with outbound or inbound callers.

The Toshiba phones DKT2010 are designed for use with DK series phone systems.

toshiba_phones_dkt2010_SDYou might find that buying the Toshiba phones DKT2010 from your Toshiba dealer rather more expensive than from us.  At TelephoneSystemsDirect we cut margins to give you savings – why – we don’t need to load the price as we offer no technical support – just good, cheap, Toshiba phones DKT2010.

So please call us on 0800 652 8052 for Toshiba phones DKT2010.  toshiba phones dkt2010.pdf

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