Training Staff

When it comes to any sort of training, it is a known fact that people retain more of the training if the training consists of both audio as well as visual material. Training your staff for your business, so that they can perform their duties better can be done either by sending your staff to training courses, or by inviting a trainer to train them at your place of work, get them to do online training or to get them to watch training videos.

Getting your staff to attend training courses or getting a trainer to train them at your place of business not only involves much time taken from their duties but may also be expensive in terms of costs to train your staff. Getting your staff to take online training, though may be comparatively cheaper but your staff may not be willing to take the training in their own time. The important part of the training is that your staff should be able to retain that training and be able to apply it to the jobs they have to do.

A better way to get your staff to get the phone skills that they may require and which would have more of an impact on them retaining that training is for you to get videos of the training that they need.

An example of video telephone training: This type of video training not only teaches your staff how to answer the telephone but it also shows them the reaction that the person at the other end has to the different ways that the phone is answered.

You can get all different kinds of training videos, they are not restricted to only telephone training, but you can get training videos to show your staff how to sell, both person-to-person as well as over the phone. You can get videos that train staff in customer relations. There are in fact training videos for almost all situations that can be improved with a little bit of training. By having these videos you will find that your staff not only retains the instructions in the videos but do use the training in practical situations. This is mainly due to the fact that the training videos present the information both visually as well as with audio.

If you are wanting to give your staff some telephone training, you could check out some training videos from – they are free and they have a series of them available for your use. By using these free training videos you will be able to judge for yourself the value of using videos for training your staff.

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