trimline corded phone

trimline_corded_phoneThe trimline corded phone of the “swinging sixties†was more commonly referred to as the Trimphone.  trimline_corded_phone_-_trimphone
With the trimline corded phone’s burp-burp ring tone you couldn’t really fail to smile when it rang.

Today there are more modern alternatives to the trimline corded phone such as some of the telephones we have pictured on this web page.  Prices vary from just over ten pounds to whatever you want to pay.  Obviously the more you spend the better the quality or styling.  trimline_corded_phone.pdf

trimline_corded_phone_30795_t1At Telephone Systems Direct we endeavour to supply the products that our customers demand in both the domestic and business marketplace.  That is why our warehouse has so many models available.  They are constantly being updated as newer ones come on the scene.  We have access to all sorts of styles of trimline corded phone.  From stylish to novelty.  We don’t stop there because we also carry cordless trimline phones – these mainly have DECT technology, but some are WiFi.

To learn more about our range of trimline corded phone solutions, contact us on 0800 652 8052 where you’ll find us very helpful.  This is one of the reasons behind us being voted SME Reseller of the Year recently.

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