usb headsets

usb_headsetsThe Plantronics Audio476 USB headsets are available from Telephone Systems Direct at unbeatable prices!

These USB headsets have DSP features that provide enhanced audio quality. A noise-cancelling microphone with wideband acoustic echo-cancellation captures a broad range of signals making calls clearer. The USB headsets double up for listening to music, watching a film or playing a video game when plugged into your laptop. The USB phone headset’s plug-and-play connection means there is no software to install.

usb_headsets_1The .Audio995 USB wireless headsets can be used well away from your desk and simply plugs in to a spare USB port.  Like the 476 forget installation worries. Plug in and it works!  usb_headsets.pdf

Both USB headsets utilise the latest technologies that allows you to enjoy instant communication. The lightweight designs of the USB headsets that have adjustable, padded, headband ensures that you’ll wear them for hours without noticing them.

For USB headsets and other telecom solutions ring 0800 652 8052 where an advisor will help you – especially with the cheapest price to pay!

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