usb sip

USB_SIPUSB SIP: Perhaps it’s too soon in 2011 to be considering USB SIP solutions at home.  But for some perhaps it isn’t.  Depending on your location in the UK and where BT’s 21st Century Network has reached, then maybe you’re being offered SIP trunks at attractive prices.

USB SIP: SIP circuits deliver multi-media services with higher bandwidths than Broadband could support.  This is all down to the national infrastructure improvements that have been promised.  This extends from the local telephone exchange to street cabinets so is taking a long time, but it’ll be worth it, eventually.

USB SIP: Connecting USB devices to your computer is now second nature – mouse, speakers, pen drives, external memory back-up, game controllers, etc……

USB SIP: Products that have compliance for SIP & USB are at the “bleeding edge†as this article is penned, so be careful and ensure that you see the words IPv6 compliant in their description.

USB_SIP_platinumUSB SIP:  Buying USB SIP product is simple – dial 0800 652 8052 and speak to a Telephone Systems Direct advisor.  We’ve been selling the SIP-enabled OfficeServ7000 systems for some years and our customers will be benefitting from cost savings as competition on tariffs drive them down. USB_SIP.pdf

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