USD Voice Recorder

usb_voice_recorderWhat is a USB voice recorder?

Most of the USB voice recorder products you’ll be shown in your internet browsing are voice recorders with a USB port for downloading the files to your PC.  You’ll find loads of USB voice recorder devices for less than £30 in any searches.

USB voice recorder: At Telephone Systems Direct our USB voice recorder is aimed at total inbound and outbound phone call recordings whether you have analogue, ISDN2, ISDN30 or SIP trunks. They are captured and stored digitally on a computer enabling you to recall any conversation with clients or suppliers to actually hear what was said.  usb voice recorder.pdf

USB voice recorder: The search for the conversations is simple: key in the time and date or destination or CLI numbers then select from the offered records.

USB voice recorder: Each voice file is admissible as evidence as it is encrypted.  However, you can create a WAV.file for emailing to the other party to avoid litigation.  At TelephoneSystemsDirect we also use it for training purposes – to show people where they’ve been successful on a sales enquiry, and to identify why some calls are unsuccessful.

USB voice recorder: With 25% discounts the OfficeServ Voice Recorder is within any company’s reach – it’s not anywhere near the cost it used to be.  Ring us on 0800 652 8052 for a quote.

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