usb voip phones

When you are speaking about USB VoIP phones you have to consider the PC-based application you’re running on your computer.  Do you need to have your hands free to use the keyboard while you are using the USB VoIP phones, or not. In one case the USB VoIP phones can be connected by a USB cable and in the other by BlueTooth or DECT technology.  Here you should be considering USB VoIP head phones.  usb_voip_phones.pdf

usb_voip_phonesThe OfficeServ7000 series of VoIP-enable phone systems lends itself to USB VoIP phones as they can be implemented in pure IP, hybrid or classical TDM configurations.

At Telephone Systems Direct we can recommend the latest USB VoIP phones or headsets as you’ll find they do change in manufacturers’ catalogues more frequently than reality show stars!

TelephoneSystemsDirect offers excellent prices on all its products – especially the 7000 range – which we give 25% discounts on.

Call our telephony advisors today on 0800 652 8052 where they can list all the USB VoIP phones that we have in our portfolio and tell you which is most popular with our clients.

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