usb voip

usb_voipConnecting a headset through a USB for VoIP use is simple today.  As this article is written the Plantronics Audio 995 connects through the USB ports of your PC wirelessly giving you freedom to continue your conversation without having to carry the laptop with you!  usb_voip.pdf

VoIP connectivity through the local LAN or via the Internet at home links IP devices together enabling both voice and video where you need to see the other person for conferencing purposes.

usb_voip_3100The Samsung 7030 (BEST BUY telephone system ref: What to Buy for Business magazine) offers USB VoIP solutions when implemented in VoIP configuration.  Just connect your computer RJ45 cable into the second port on the SMTi-3100 desk phone – yes you can even do this as a Home-Worker and you act just as if you would in the office!  usb_voip_3100_series.pdf

SKYPE users will find there are later models of the USB VoIP head-set mentioned above available now – by ringing the advisors at TelephoneSystemsDirect they’ll be able to tell you what the most popular USB VoIP device is. 

Simply dial 0800 652 8052.

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