usb wireless headsets

usb_wireless_headsetsThe Plantronics Audio 995 USB wireless headsets  can be used up to forty feet (12m) away from your desk-top computer and is simply plugged in to a spare USB port. 
No software to install!  Plug in and it works!

These USB Wireless headsets utilise the latest wireless technology that allows you to enjoy instant cordless communication. The modern, lightweight design of the PlantronicsAudio995, with adjustable, padded, headband ensures that the well-cushioned ear phones rest comfortably on your ears without any discomfort. You’ll wear them for hours easily.

To use these USB wireless headsets for voice-over-IP connectivity you’ll need to be using SKYPE or Windows Live at home, or applications such as Samsung’s OfficeServ Communicator at the office.

These USB Wireless headsets transform the way you work allowing you to leave your desk to refer to notes in filing cabinets or to check on stock levels, etc. while still being in conversation with a client.

For USB Wireless headsets and other telecom solutions ring 0800 652 8052 where an advisor of can help you – especially with the cheapest prices!

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