video calls

video_callsToday you can enjoy video calls on your telephone in the office or in your home via a VoIP link to your desk.

The video calls on your Samsung SMT-i5243 are in full colour and can be enhanced with the OfficeServ-Communicator application that can easily select pre-programmed conference sessions with multiple conferees.  video_calls.pdf

Foe those of you in business who need HD video calls conferences then perhaps you should be investigating the Polycom or LifeSize audio-visual conferencing packages.

At Telephone Systems Direct we have the advisors who can help you with video calls solutions dependant on your budget and bottom line requirements.

As this article is being penned the UK telephony network is being transformed by the introduction of SIP trunks that will make video calls, video streaming and other multi-media services far easier to deliver through wider bandwidth channels displacing the Broadband circuits we’re using now.

So for a chat or to learn more about video calls, contact TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052.

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