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video_conference_companyvideo conference company: For a business online video conference company you’re reading the right website article!  At Telephone Systems Direct we’ve been supplying B2B video conference solutions for many years.

video conference company: Initially a video conference was performed over ISDN channels but now it’s more popular to use the power of broadband.  With higher bandwidths currently available through SIP technologies a video conference has been transformed with superb audio transmissions and High Definition video.

video conference company: For a one-to-one video conference there’s no better solution than the Samsung OfficeServ-Communicator – see the attached PDF.   video_conference_company.pdf

video conference company: However you’re possibly an hotel, business-centre, or organisation trying to identify a value-for-money video conferencing package.  We’ll determine from your requirements whether your best bet is with LifeSize, Polycom, or another manufacturer.  One thing you can be certain of in our video conference quotation is that you’ll find our pricing very attractive.

0800 652 8052 connects you to our video conference company advisors who will be happy to chat with you about all the alternatives.

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