video conference equipment

There is a plethora of video conference equipment available in the communications market place.  As you’re now reading this article we can assume you’ve not found the video conference equipment you’re looking for.  Hopefully Telephone Systems Direct can help.

VIDEO CONFERENCING is occasionally referred to as AUDIO-VISUAL.  Here you can sometimes use IP telephony as video conference equipment when you only need individuals communicating with their peers on a regular basis. (see the attached PDF on Samsung’s OfficeServ7000 series and OfficeServ-Communicator)   video_conference_equipment.pdf

video_conference_equipmentHigh Definition video conference equipment is designed for various sized groups of participants: for example LifeSize’s Room200 and Express200 video conference equipment or the Polycom CX5000 and QDX6000 video conference equipment.  All have unique selling points and score heavily dependant on the type of video conference that you intend to hold.

Obviously cost impacts on your purchasing decision and that’s why you should speak to an advisor at TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052 where we’ll be able to suggest the most appropriate video conference equipment solution for your requirement at the best price.

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