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video_conference_phonePolycom’s VVX 1500 D Business Media Phone is an affordable, easy-to-use, dual stack video conference phone for H.323 and SIP environments, the 1500D video conference phone combines one-touch video calling and advanced IP-telephony in a flexible, future-proof Unified Communications (UC) solution

  • Enables managers and knowledge workers to make simple and fast-touch-screen video and voice calls right from their workspace
  • Lowers travel expenses with quick payback; equip each employee for the cost of a single business trip
  • Enhances productivity; increases remote collaboration, helps build relationships, and easily view body language
  • Enabling innovative third-party applications through a full browser and highly customizable PolycomAPI
  • Reduces carbon footprint. Requires less than half the power of similar products

Features and Benefits

  • On-device, simultaneous support for H323/SIP video conference phone for easy connectivity and flexibility
  • Intuitive, colour touch-screen video conference phone interface for audio, video and GUI
  • Adjustable camera, base, and display to suit the environment and provide eye-level visual interactions
  • Six-line, feature-rich touch screen phone with HD Voiceâ„¢ technology 1
  • Highly customisable video conference phone with open Polycom API  and USB 2.0 port for application use
  • Integrated Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) switch for bandwidth-intensive programs
  • Smart motion detection allows the video conference phone to go to power-save mode when the office is empty
  • Use of the telephony functionality requires integration with one of the compatible SIP-based IP PBX and Softswitch Platforms

Ring TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052 for video conference phone sales.  video_conference_phone.pdf

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