video conference room

video_conference_roomThe video conference room of today is nothing like the video conference room that the author experienced in the 1990s.

Then the video conference room had a huge monitor in the room with a fixed camera.  You had to book time in the video conference room where a nerdy type would establish a link and tell
you where to site so that those at the distant end (probably in the Far East or America) would
be able to see you clearly.

These days the video conference room is really anywhere that has a CAT5 socket or even
Wi-Fi reception.  Video Conferencing products from the likes of Polycom and LifeSize
dominate the catalogues with solutions for large audience conferences with multiple cameras and presentation screens, through peer-to-peer groups and ending with individual pc-based video conference sessions.

examples of video conference room equipment: Polycom – QDX 6000,  HDX6000, HDX7000, HDX8000and HDX9000 completed by the lower cost VSX range.  From Life-Size systems there’s the Passport, Express, Team, Room, Conference or Desktop packages. 

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