video conference systems

The video conference systems you’ll find in our online catalogue displays mainly products from the the industry market leaders.  There are other video conference systems available.  So we suggest you speak to an advisor on 0800 652 8052 or send us an email to the address below telling us what you’re trying to accomplish.

video_conference_systemsThe typical video conference systems that we can source are:
Polycom’s QDX 6000 room video conference unit and the HDX6000, HDX7000, HDX8000and HDX9000 completed by the lower cost VSX range. 

From Life-Size systems there’s the Passport, Express, Team, Room, Conference or Desktop packages. 

All video conference systems are designed for particular scenarios – choose wisely.

On the individual front the HDX4000 video conferencing systems might be for you as well as their Converged Management pc-based application or there’s a software video conference product that compliments OfficeServ7000 voice servers.  It’s described in the attached PDF.  video_conference_systems.pdf

So as you can see Telephone Systems Direct (Samsung Platinum accredited) can assist you with your video conference systems and we’ll help you get it up and running if that is what you want.  0800 652 8052 is the number to dial.

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