video conferencing camera

video_conferencing_cameraSMILE when you’re the target of a video conferencing camera! The video conferencing camera does not lie.  If you’re uncomfortable with the discussion being held, your peers at the distant end will know it.

Nowadays the video conferencing camera is small and usually unobtrusive, whereas back in the early days of ISDN video conferencing it was rather large and static.  Today the video conferencing camera is controlled remotely at times dependant on the video conference camera package.

Polycom’s QDX 6000, HDX6000, HDX7000, HDX8000 and HDX9000 and lower cost VSX range and
Life-Size’s Passport, Express, Team, Room, Conference and Desktop packages utilise a variety of video conferencing camera types from the built-in PC webcam to HD pan and optical zoom with cabled or BlueTooth connectivity to the controlling electronics.  video_conferencing_camera.pdf

For more information on a video conferencing camera call the advisors at Telephone Systems Direct by dialling 0800 652 8052

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