virtual pbx

A virtual phone system is a solution that should be investigated by any start-up company.  Why?  The costs associated with a virtual phone system are small and you do not have to invest in your own phone system, nor administer it.

virtual_phone_systemIn business centres a virtual phone system comes with the rental of a room or suite of offices.  You rent the quantity of handsets you require together with an appropriate  number of external lines.  Perhaps after a few weeks you may need more of less.  That can be accommodated.

How can Telephone Systems Direct help you?  We have installed several virtual phone system applications throughout the UK, notably for Manchester Enterprises and Blackburn Enterprise Centre.

The OfficeServ7400 has shown itself a capable product in virtual phone system solutions with an ease of programming to make each tenant appear to have their own facilities to all their customers.  virtual_phone_system.pdf

0800 652 8052 to learn more about our virtual phone system capabilities.

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