voice colocation

To achieve voice colocation you need an OfficeServ7000 solution from Samsung.

voice_colocationFrom the entry-level OfficeServ7030 to the Enterprise-class OfficeServ7400 voice colocation is easily implemented through VoIP technology. voice_colocation.pdf

With several sites and home workers or a dispersed sales force using voice colocation enables you to handle all their calls centrally, or at specific locations at different times of the day giving your organisation 24 hour cover.

How is voice colocation achieved? Currently by the use of Broadband circuits linking each of the voice colocation entities.  This is changing to SIP trunks as the economics of the services becomes more beneficial to businesses.  The higher bandwidths now delivering multi-media data more efficiently and cost-effectively than before.


Telephone Systems Direct has provided voice colocation solutions for a number of industrial and commercial organisations:  from engineering to accountants; schools to motorcycle show rooms supplying the phone systems with 25% discounts.

For more information on voice colocation call our advisors on 0800 652 8052.  They can ensure you minimise your voice colocation installation and running costs.

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