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voice_mail_systemsThe voice mail systems that serve businesses best are the SVMi models that compliment the Samsung telephony solutions from 1996 to today.

The original Cadence voice mail systems in the DCS became the SVMi-8.  The external voice mail systems for the DCS-Compact-II, DCS408 and early DCS816 were the SVM400.  Later DCS-816 (version 2 hardware) had the SVMi-2.

voice_mail_systems_WTBFBThe Compact II, iDCS100 and OS100 SVMi-4 voice mail systems were supplied in either 2 or 4 port options.

Adding the SVMi-16 and finally the SVMi-20e voice mail systems completed the family for the OS500 and then OfficeServ7000 series.

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Telephone Systems Direct is able to support all these voice mail systems even after direct manufacturer technical back-up has ended.  We pride ourselves on maintaining the older products for the UK business community.voice_mail_systems_platinum

A phone call to 0800 652 8052 will avail you of an advisor who will inform you about our voice mail systems capabilities and send you a quotation for reprogramming or maintenance.

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