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Sending voice over internet is simple today.  The voice over internet protocol paper was first put forward in 1974 but this was really intended for dedicated packet networks.  Voice over internet as we understand it didn’t become a reality until the mid 1990’s when international standards had been agreed.

voice_over_internetNowadays voice over internet is in many homes and a growing number of businesses.  The major telecoms providers are now in the process of changing their national network to improve voice over internet quality by implementing SIP trunks.  These will slowly, but surely, replace analogue and ISDN into business premises.  There is a huge drive to have them in the home to deliver not only voice over internet but television over internet services.

At Telephone Systems Direct we provide voice over internet solutions to organisations across the UK in sympathy with other, traditional, methods where applicable.  Our voice over internet delivery to the desktop is through the award winning OfficeServ7000 voip enabled telephony platforms (or voice servers).


Established 1992 TelephoneSystemsDirect has grown with the explosion of new technologies that has transformed the way we all communicate.  Our engineers travel the country maintaining OfficeServ, iDCS and DCS key-systems and upgrading them to voice over internet where it means they benefit.

0800 652 8052 connects you to an advisor on voice over internet.

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