Voice Manager

voice_manager“voice manager” is a term used by Avaya for their version of voice-mail.

At Telephone Systems Direct we are platinum re-sellers for Samsung Telecoms and install and maintain the OfficeServ whose voice manager is called SVMi, This is built into most of the DCS, iDCS, OfficeServ7000 series and Mobex switches. 

Voice Mail from Samsung

This award-winning voicemail has some great features for any organization. Not only does it record an inbound call but you can forward these to your colleagues complete with an introduction, you can retain a message for an unlimited time in your mail-box until you decide to delete it. Users can remotely access their VM box from any external site via a code and change their greeting or listen to messages and recordings. A quick memo is a handy tool as this is a swift way of dealing with important information. Voicemail is compatible with VoIP sites.

voice_managerAt telephonesystemsdirect we have a catalogue of all telecommunication products and we are installers and maintainers of PABXs UK wide.

Please dial 0800 652 8052 and talk to us about voice manager or any other enquiries.

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