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voice_mail_servicesEveryone has access to voice mail services if they want.  At home you can pay BT for their voice mail services.  All mobile providers route unanswered calls to voice mail services, an additional source of income in some cases when you retrieve the message.

In business voice mail services tend to be built into the telephone system as a module or a voice mail server in a voip implementation.

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voice_mail_services_WTBFBThere are Hosted voice mail services becoming increasingly available for organisations; but then that’s exactly what BT’s voice mail services are!

At Telephone Systems Direct we can offer advice on voice mail services.  Should you invest in an in-house solution, or choose external voice mail services.  We’ll discuss what you’re trying to achieve with your voice mail services and then advise what the alternatives are, together with typical costs associated with each of the voice mail services.voice_mail_services_platinum


0800 652 8052 connects you to a voice mail services advisor who can provide voice mail services information, or arrange an appointment as appropriate.

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