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voicemail from Samsung: The telephone voicemail for any organisation should be the fully featured SVMi-20e that compliments the OfficeServ7000 series. (or the SVMi-2, SVMi-4 or SVMi-8 for the older DCS and iDCS ranges of phone systems)

voicemail from Samsung.pdf voicemail_from_Samsungvoicemail from Samsung:

These voicemail products give you all the programmability for individual users that any business could wish for.  There is a choice of greetings possible for every user as is the method of delivery.  Messages can be delayed, forwarded to your mobile if you haven’t listened to it within a predetermined time, or sent on for someone else’s attention when you’re on leave or even delivered immediately.

oicemail from Samsung:
A voicemail system that can transfer your messages into e-mail format is a superb feature.  This is achieved as a wav file attachment so you can play back using your chosen media player.
voicemail from Samsung
You can set up buttons on individuals’ handsets so that they can record nuisance or important calls that can be interrogated later (and turned into emails).  Alternatively, recording all your voice communications can be performed at a fraction of the cost it used be.  The recordings are admissible evidence in litigation due to the fact that they’re encrypted.  You can choose these records as training material for your staff in customer facing situations improving their skills and effectiveness.

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