Voicemail Message On Samsung

A voicemail message is a way of contacting a person when they are engaged with someone else and unable to speak to you. Choosing the product that delivers your voicemail message effectively to you is important and that’s why you should choose Samsung.  voicemail message on Samsung.pdf

voicemail_message_on_SamsungVoicemail message on Samsung:
Those of you who use hosted voicemail services will appreciate that you don’t know you have a voicemail message until you pick up the phone and hear the dial tone.  In business every voicemail message needs to be dealt with efficiently.  Each Samsung handset includes a message waiting indicator.

Voicemail message on Samsung
In the event a person does not retrieve a voicemail message within a predetermined time the Samsung SVMi voicemail platform can force-delivered to their mobile, or to their supervisor as required.

Voicemail message on Samsung
A voicemail message on Samsung can even be converted into a wav file and posted into the recipient’s inbox where they can listen to it via a chosen media player.  The voicemail message on Samsung can be deleted, archived, forwarded or responded to as appropriate.

Voicemail message on Samsung
voicemail_message_on_Samsung_1For a demonstration of Samsung voicemail message capabilities there is a video clips section on this web-site and on YouTube, or for more information please contact a Telephone Systems Direct advisor on 0800 652 8052 today.

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