Voicemail On The Samsung

voicemail_on_the_Samsungvoicemail on the Samsung: the voicemail for any organisation must be fully featured like the SVMi-20e that compliments the OfficeServ7000 series.

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voicemail on the Samsung: all the programmability for users that any business could wish for.  There is a choice of greetings possible for every user.  Messages can be delayed, forwarded to mobile if you haven’t accessed it within a predetermined time, or diverted for someone else’s attention when you’re on leave.

voicemail on the Samsung: transfer your messages into e-mail format automatically.  A wav file attachment means you can play back using your chosen media player and store or discard accordingly.

voicemail on the Samsung: set up buttons on handsets so that they can record nuisance callers or really important conversations.

voicemail on the Samsung: records all your voice communications – at a fraction of the cost it used be.  These are admissible evidence in litigation as they’re encrypted.  Use recordings of a conversation to train your staff in outbound customer calls improving their effectiveness.

voicemail on the Samsung: We offer maintenance and reprogramming services on the SVMi-2, SVMi-4 or SVMi-8 for the older DCS and iDCS ranges of phone systems.

0800 652 8052 pvoicemail_on_the_Samsung_1uts you in touch with TelephoneSystemsDirect where we’ll be pleased to help you identify the voicemail from Samsung for your company at 25% discounts.

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