Voicemail Phone

voicemail_phoneNearly every phone today is a voicemail phone.  Our mobiles have a voicemail-box and when a message has been left we are notified.

That’s just the same as your analogue voicemail phone at home.  In this case we’re told that we have messages with a different dial tone.

In the office our voicemail phone can be much more sophisticated.  Firstly there’ll be a visible indicator blinking away plus if we have an LCD model, then there will be an indication of the number of items in the voicemail phone mailbox.  When we access the stored communication our voicemail phone will have features to pause, rewind, fast forward and delete.  We’ll also be able to send the call record to other people.  With the OfficeServ7000 series we even have the ability of delivering unheard voicemail phone-messages to our mobile or other destination.  Email-Gateway (first 4 licences are free) emails all saved voicemail phone-records as a wav file into our InBox.


voicemail phone.pdf

The SVMi voicemail phone application has so many more facilities than we can give hear.  Some of them are shown in our video clips section on the web site, but for more information on voicemail phone applications phone
0800 652 8052 now.

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