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Voicemail_ServicesThe voicemail services offered by public telecoms operators are not necessarily the best solution for you.  Your voicemail services might be better served by having your own voicemail software on your pc answering your calls when you’re not in.

In business, voicemail services are a different kettle of fish as businesses will have many users.  Hosted voicemail services are being pushed forward so that both office-bound and the travelling workforce can share the same voicemail services platform.

At Telephone Systems Direct we have a range of voicemail services that we apply to our customers’ communication solutions.  Not all our voicemail services function in the same way, so we need to understand how your organisation will operate with our voicemail services offerings most appropriately

The SVMi portfolio of voicemail services includes IP-UMS, integrated voicemail in the OS7030 and OS7100, SVMi-20e in OS7200 and OS7400, E-mail Gateway where your voicemails are converted to email and emailed to your inbox. We can even record all your external communications at a fraction of what it cost a few years ago!

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0800 652 8052 puts you in contact with our specialist advisors who will be pleased to help you identify which of our voicemail services will benefit your company and will give you the most return on your investment.

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