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voicemail_to_emailConverting voicemail to email is easy with the OfficeServ7000 series of telephony platforms whether you’re using traditional TDM, IP or Hybrid configurations.

The SVMi voicemail to email function is really useful for many businesses as their executives want one interface for all their communications.  So voicemail to email is great for them.

voicemail_to_email_WTBFBWhether you have the small OfficeServ7030 or the huge OfficeServ7400 you can have voicemail to email functionality.  On OS7030 a voicemail port costs £150 at RRP and the licence for voicemail to email (E-mail Gateway) starts at £12 per user (min 8 users).

The voicemail to email conversion produces a wav file that is transmitted to a pre-determined email address for the individual mailbox. Voicemail to Email.pdf

If you wish to archive your conversations then you can do this as well by having a voice-record button on your phone.  Pressing it in the middle of a conversation allows the voicemail to save both sides of the discussion and at the end emails it to you.  Ask our MD to tell you about the time when a lady ran into the back of his wife’s car!voicemail_to_email_platinum

However, if you need records for litigious purposes we also can record all your calls in an encrypted format that is acceptable in evidence.

Telephone Systems Direct is the solutions provider and we’re contactable on
0800 652 8052
for voicemail to email.

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