Voicemail messages are the bain of many business people’s lives.  But where would we be without Voicemail?

Having a Voicemail system that provides the functionality that each individual requires can be difficult.  In some Voicemail offerings the settings are system-wide and for others, facilities are limited.

Telephone Systems Direct has installed thousands of Voicemail applications across the UK in businesses from Solicitors to Engineering and Schools to Dentists.  Starting with the DCS Cadence Voicemail we moved on to the SVMi-8 voicemail.  That product then was available on the Compact-II / OfficeServ100 as the SVMi-4 voicemail, on the Compact-I and early DCS-816 as the SVM400, on later DCS-816s internally as SVMi-2.

Today the voicemail of choice for most is the SVMi range of the OfficeServ7000 series.


£28 per user is one figure that can be calculated for 8 users on an OfficeServ7030 with 2 ports of access.  Add on to that the fact that voicemails can be turned into emails and delivered into your inbox and you can see how voicemail has changed.

IP-UMS is changing the view of industry professionals so to identify how to make your investment pay off in voicemail, contact 0800 652 8052 immediately where an advisor will help you.

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