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Choosing a voip business pbx is relatively easy as they all have similar features & facilities.  Selecting a voip business pbx at the right price is more difficult.  Finding the voip business pbx with a supplier who really excels is slightly harder still.  voip_business_pbx.pdf

voip_business_pbxFortunately, you’re reading this article about voip business pbx on our web-site.

Telephone Systems Direct is an elite member of Samsung’s Platinum club of dealerships assuring you of support, second to none.  Utilising the OfficeServ7000 voip business pbx family that have been accorded a “Good Value†status by “What to Buy for Business†in 2009, we have provided satisfaction to customers across the UK.  We have pleased so many that in 2007 they voted en masse in the Channel Awards and our MD, Tony Raynor walked away with the trophy for “SME Reseller of the Year†at the awards dinner.  Quite a surprise.

We’ve dealt with excellence of implementation; now we need to deal with value-for-money.  We are fortunate that we can offer a 25% discount on first buy systems and terminals due to the preferential pricing we receive from our manufacturer.  So you do benefit from that as well.

Call us on 0800 652 8052 to learn more about our voip business pbx range and our capabilities.

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