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Our voip business telephone systems have been acclaimed as Good Value by “What to Buy for Business†in 2009.  Both the OfficeServ7030 and OfficeServ7400 achieve this accolade, but we thank that the sister products deserve it as well.  voip_business_phone_systems.pdf

voip_business_phone_systemsAny of the voip business telephone systems you’ll discover via the internet search engines will more than likely deliver the features and functionality you’re looking for.  Most of the voip business telephone systems suppliers will inevitably install the product professionally.  So the choice of voip business telephone systems is really down to price, delivery and customer satisfaction.

Telephone Systems Direct can meet these requisites for any potential client throughout the UK.  We can offer you a 25% discount on system and terminals.  How can we afford to do that?  Well, we are an elite Platinum dealership with Samsung and due to the volume of trade we do with them receive a preferential pricing policy.  We can therefore extend favourable prices to you.

The status with the global electronics giant was hard earned through annual audits of our training accreditations, company procedures, levels of maintenance stocks and demonstration facilities.  As such you can have confidence that the voip business telephone systems we supply and implement will surpass your expectations.

Call 0800 652 8052 to learn more about the voip business telephone systems capabilities.

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