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5.8_ghz_cordless_phone_systemA 5.8 ghz cordless phone system is a switch which uses Digitally-Enhanced-Cordless-Telephones to make and receive calls.  These use radio waves transmitted from a base station which connects to a fixed telephone line.

A good example of this is the Panasonic with various packs of 5.8 ghz cordless phones, many of which are available on the telephonesystemsdirect website.

Most businesses require functions than a 5.8 ghz cordless phone system can allow  – such as Auto Attendant and Caller Management Software. for organizations who desire to monitor the activity of the PBX. Problems arise with a 5.8 ghz cordless phone system when limited range happens, this can be eliminated by installing integral-dect solutions.


5.8_ghz_cordless_phone_system_headsetThe Samsung Officeserv has the perfect solution because even the entry-level 7030 can have several DECT handsets working off it. The 7100, 7200 and the 7400 can obviously host more as they are bigger systems – that’s if you need 128 roaming users! This allows freedom to roam without loosing the ability to gain access to the main features that you expect from a PABX.5.8_ghz_cordless_phone_system_plat

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