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The voip faq (frequently asked questions) availability on the web can resolve most of your queries.  We’ll attempt to answer the most likely voip faq here.  When we don’t know we usually look here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voice_over_Internet_Protocol

The most popular voip faq we receive is: should I change my TDM system and go totally voip?  We often advise our customers that they don’t need to. Why?  Because they would end up with an additional capital outlay on upgrading their existing IT network to enable it to work satisfactorily when all they want to accomplish is to connect a few home workers or link two or three offices together.

The next voip faq is:  Why can’t I always make a good connection?  We respond to that one by saying that you didn’t obtain the dedicated broadband line we recommended you to get.  It’s true, customer expectations are seriously high when voip is contemplated, and when the supplier points out that more investment in routers, switches or circuits is required, then they say that we’ll put up with it.  They don’t!

So you see that Telephone Systems Direct does not pull any punches where voip faq are concerned.  We’re a Samsung Platinum dealership; SME Reseller of the Year (2007); and implement our VoIP solutions with OfficeServ 7000 series “Good Value†systems as accredited by “What to Buy for Business†in 2009.

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