voip ethernet phone

voip ethernet phone

A VoIP ethernet phone will connect you through your local area network to another extension and may be through the internet to a distant site without any call charges.

There are a variety of voip ethernet phone products available in the UK marketplace.  You can find some of them by browsing through our on-line warehouse, or probably more effectively, by speaking to an advisor at Telephone Systems Direct on 0800 652 8052.
They will listen to your voip ethernet phone requirements, assess a number of ways of solving your problem, then make a recommendation to you.

It is important that all the elements of a voip system have quality of service, otherwise the speech through the voip ethernet phone will be unintelligible.

http://www.wi-fi.org/discover_and_learn.php can tell you more about WiFi solutions.

However, as a Samsung Electronics Platinum partner for many years, we are a sensible supplier of voip ethernet phone services.  So please don’t hesitate – ring us today on 0800 652 8052 to chat about voip ethernet phones.


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