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What is a voip gateway?  A voip gateway is an access point between one network and another.  Your office PABX may be a traditional TDM exchange, but can be connected by voip to home workers through a voip gateway.  Should your PBX be totally voip with voice and data sharing the LAN then communications outside to the internet will pass through this voip gateway.

voip_gatewayAt Telephone Systems Direct we devoted a great deal of time and effort in re-training our sales and technical staff in VoIP in the later years of the 20th Century so that we’d be prepared for this technological revolution and be able to advise our existing client base when to use voip to their advantage.

The OfficeServ7000 series of telephony platforms utilise voip gateway technology in the form of MGI modules.  These link internal-IP to external-voip and the TDM-world to the voip world. With OAS, MGI-16 and MGI-64 voip gateway interfaces you can configure your installation according to the number of simultaneous channels you expect.   voip_gateway.pdf

Even the low-cost OfficeServ7030 utilises up to two built-in voip gateway ports that are switched on under software licence.

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