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In business a voip number could be just the best way of your customers contacting you.  So how does a voip number work?

voip_numberWell let’s start with a VoIP extension:  By having a telecoms platform that can link to a home worker via broadband, the voip-phone will have an extension-number like anybody else in the head office.  The ISDN lines coming into the PABX can have DDI numbers in groups of 10, 100 or 1,000.  One of the Direct Dialling Inward range can be assigned to individual extensions.

Hence the D-D-I-number allocated to that person’s voip-extension is their voip number.  This voip number can be diverted to another extension-user, to your mobile, or to the voicemail system when you’re busy on the phone or unobtainable there.

TelephoneSystemsDirect specialise in providing solutions for businesses such as a voip number.

Utilising the award winning OfficeServ 7000 voip enabled telephony platforms, this Platinum accredited Samsung dealership and SME Reseller of the Year in 2007 prides itself on solving your telecommunications problems.  voip_number.pdf

0800 652 8052 will connect you to an advisor where you can chat about a voip number.

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