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Yes, voip security is something everyone needs to consider carefully.  If you have an IP device or Softphone outside your protective company firewall then there is the possibility of voip security infringement.

At Telephone Systems Direct we take voip security and voicemail security very seriously.  We do advise our customers that they should implement all security measures to prevent hacking into your systems to make international calls at your expense. Voice-mail passwords need to be changed if they are set to manufacturer’s default.  The log-in details of external IP-devices should be kept secure by the IT Manager.

IPtelephones being used by home workers have to be registered on the voip system and allowed through the voip security fire wall.

For more detail on voip security please feel free to contact one of our advisors on 0800 652 8052.

An excellent web-site giving more information on voip security is:


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