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A voip softphone solution can be appropriate for many people in business, especially those who travel extensively.  Loading the voip softphone application take a few minutes and then with a bluetooth headset you’re connected.  If your voip softphone pc has Wi-Fi connectivity, all the better as there are no wires at all (other than the occasional bit of power required).  voip_softphone.pdf

voip_softphoneThe Telephone Systems Direct e-commerce web site on-line catalogue lists voip softphone products.  In particular the Plantronics headsets models are integrated with voip softphone software –
browse to learn more.  Just click on the icon above this article to begin browsing.

For those of you looking for enterprise voip softphone solutions why not consider the OfficeServ voip Softphone that comes with an RRP of £150.  With our keen discounts of 25% for new installations you can see how prices have been driven down for voip softphone.

Linking the voip softphone to the OfficeServ-7000 series voip enable telephony platforms has been the basis of our voip success across the UK working community.

For more information on the voip softphone simply contact us on 0800 652 8052 – NOW!

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