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Comparing voip vs pbx is an interesting question for many businesses.  As data and voice technologies voip_vs_pbxconverged over a decade ago the voip vs pbx debate swung backwards and forwards.

PABX traditionally uses TDM switching while VoIP wraps up the speech in voice-packets which compete with data-packets over the LAN.  As v-packets are prioritised over d-packets by the QOS feature in layer 3 switches and routers verbal communications are feasible.

So voip vs pbx – which to choose?  You need to consider features and facilities of both, the cost of both basic central processing and the investment in terminals.  It is still true that pbx has the upper hand where telephony functionality is concerned.  The pbx ksu will be more expensive as the size grows and will consume more rack space (probably). Your local area network infrastructure may have to be upgraded to voip standards.  Most IP phones have a higher RRP than their pbx counterparts.

It is a balancing act to determine the winner of voip vs pbx.

However the OfficeServ 7000 series telecoms platforms satisfies both camps.  voip_vs_pbx.pdf

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