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samsung digital voiceSamsung have produced a wide range of Samsung digital voice PABXs, which have been distributed worldwide. The Samsung digital voice products were designed to accommodate all sizes of Businesses, ranging from the small Samsung digital voice 408 to the large Samsung digital voice Officeserv 7400. We can source all Samsung digital voice communications depending on your needs and requirements, and can also advice on the all the different Samsung digital voice features and functions. As well as keeping stock, all Samsung digital voice kit has been discounted at 25% of RRP (Recommended Retail price) Samsung Digital Voice characteristics All Samsung digital voice commskit are developed in a way for routing and switching data. The Samsung digital voice platform also has DMZ, which stands for Data Management Zone, which adds an additional layer of security to an organisations LAN, Local Area Network. In other words an external Attacker can only access the equipment in the D M Z, rather than the whole network. The Samsung digital voice PBX has an Intrusion Alert system as well as ‘Honeypot’, which is a kind of trap set to detect any unauthorised attempt to use information systems.

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