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What is the latest Samsung Phone?  At the time of going to press a new IP-rthe-latest-samsung-phoneange of phones have just been announced:  they are the SMT-i3100, SMT-i5220, SMT-i5243, SMT-i5264 complete with power adaptors and Gigabit adaptor. Details are sketchy so we’ll update this article soon.

So what WAS the latest Samsung phone – previously?

The Samsung 14B phone is the latest Samsung phone in the 5000 series. The latest Samsung phone has fourteen fast dial programmable buttons as well as a two line, thirty-two character LCD (Liquid crystal display) fully adjustable screen which displays all the latest Samsung phone information, such as extension station names and call time/date etc.

What is the latest Samsung phone system requirement? Telephone Systems Direct not only sell the 14 B phone, but another model called the Samsung-7B phone. What is the latest Samsung phone delivery? Next day carriage using premium courier services.

What is the latest Samsung phone pricing? It’s not expensive: No, the latest Samsung 7B phone is only £75 excluding VAT (25% discounted off the recommended retail price RRP).

What is the latest Samsung phone covered for under maintenance? The latest Samsung phone such as the Samsung 38B phone is included in the service contract. Our Engineers provide support on all of the latest Samsung phone equipment as including Samsung phone components.

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