What are VoIP Wi Fi telephones?

officeserv manager 7200The_Officeserv_Manager_7200The Officeserv Manager 7200 is a software application designed by Samsung, the Korean Manuacturer specifically for the Officeserv range of telephone systems. The Officeserv Manager 7200 is not only compatible with the Officeserv 7200 but it also works with the Officeserv 7100, the Officeserv 7400 and the most recent Officeserv 7030. The_Officeserv_Manager_7200.pdf

Officeserv Manager 7200 is the main configuration tool for Officeserv PABXs and includes two programming modes, administration and supervisor. The Admin section allows system managers or other authorised users to configure certain areas of the Officeserv 7200 that affect employees, such as extension names, passwords and ring types. The other alternative is the supervisory option which is a more advanced access, providing complete configuration.

This entry level is normally used during installation and maintenance of the officeserv, resulting in an inhouse management service.

What can the Officeserv Manager 7200 do for you? It lets you control your Officeserv 7200. You can remotely program, upgrade and diagnose the Officeserv 7200, which eliminates the need for a qualified engineer to visit site. However, please ensure that whoever makes alterations using Officeserv Manager 7200, are fully competent with all aspects of the Officeserv 7200. Once the Officeserv 7200 has been reconfigured using Officeserv Manager, certain problems could arise if anyone is allowed to be let loose with the Officeserv Manager 7200.

The_Officeserv_Manager_7200_-_PlatOfficeserv Manager 7200 is free of charge and it can be loaded directly onto your PC using LAN (Local Area Network). The Officeserv Manager 7200 has been replaced by the programmable IT tool, which again is provided with your Officeserv 7200 purchase.

For more information and guidance please contact us on 0800 652 8052.
Our salesteam are specially trained on the Officeserv Manager 7200 and can answer any queries you may have quickly and efficiently.

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